“How Technology- driven Business Strategy Can Spur Innovation and Growth”

25 02 2010

“Where is your strategy development approach taking you?”

The article, “How Technology-driven business strategy can spur innovation” by Saul J. Berman asks this question of its readers.

In the past “business leaders have viewed technology as the primary means to execute and implement their business strategies.” However today organizational leaders are realizing that by “making technology an input to the strategy process rather than an after-the-fact” component is very effective in strategy making.

Before, innovation created technology, but now technology creates the innovation.

Achievements of Technology -driven innovation

  1. Companies were able to “Change the basis of competition”
  2. They “Broke the rules of scale”
  3. They “Introduced totally new business models”

Principles of Technology-driven strategy innovators

  1. “Consider technology a core input”
  2. “Revisit strategy and technology context regularly”
  3. “Uniquely manage emerging business opportunities”
  4. “Plan for disruptions”
  5. “Manage for today’s and tomorrow’s context”
  6. “Focus technology on the customers’ priorities”

Innovation is now critical to sustained growth” (4).




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