Be Coherent, Not Visionary

19 02 2010

Vision has always been important to an organization. It is sometimes considered so important that is can be considered part of leadership. However, the author of this

article, Be Coherent, Not Visionsary, says that vision is not the most important key. Coherent action is key to a company. In fact, according to the author, guiding this type of action is the key task of management. There are a few keys about coherence.


  • Is about acting in a manner consistent with who you are given your present spot in the business landscape
  • Are those actions that make sense to others in our organization
  • Cannot be produced
  • Is not a rigid state, but rather is a process that reflects the ongoing alignment of identity, purpose and values

The author reinforces time and time again that both vision and action are important. “Missions are cast in vision: first see a future that is virtually inevitable, and then adopt a mission to participate in that future.”




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