The Planning School

20 01 2010

What's the plan?Highlights about the Planning School:

  • The Planning School
    • All about the PLANS!
  • The Planning School is similar to that of the Design School, only it is more formal.
  • There are many different planning models but they all have one quality in common: a plan.
  • A  SWOT analysis is carried out in the planning school, but its steps are much more controlled.

Important points:

  • Whats important in this school of thought is, of course, plans, but are set plans really the way to go? There needs to be room for flexibility in order to make changes to innovate if (when) needed.
  • “Effective strategists, in contrast are not people who abstract themselves from the daily detail, but who immerse themselves in it while being able to abstract the strategic messages from it” (71).

Quote worth reading again:

“Plans by their very nature are designed to promote inflexibility – they are meant to establish clear direction, to impose stability on an organization” (64).

Seven Pitfalls of strategic planning

  • Staff takes over the process
  • Process dominates staff
  • Planning systems were designed to produce no results
  • Expends core organizational development for acquisitions and mergers
  • Fails to develop true strategic choices
  • Neglected the organizational and cultural requirements of strategy
  • Not good for areas of uncertainty

Definition of Strategy

Strategy – basically a good plan




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